NBA All-Star Game

The 2016 NBA All-Star Game is an exhibition basketball game that will be played on February 14, 2016 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, home of the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers. This game will be the 60th edition of the National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Game

and will be played during the 2015–16 NBA season. The Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers will serve as host. The Clippers and Lakers were both awarded the All-Star Game in an announcement by commissioner David Stern. This will be the second time that the Staples Center had hosted the All-Star Game; the arena had previously hosted the event in 2004. This will be the fifth time that Los Angeles had hosted the All-Star Game; before Staples Center opened in 1999, the city had previously hosted the event in 1963, 1972, and 1983. Rihanna has been named the sole halftime performer, while Keri Hilson and Bruno Mars will be the entertainment for pre-show festivities.

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The All-Star game and all associated activities will take place from February 18, 2011 through February 20.

Kobe Bryant leads NBA All-Star Game voting for the second time in his career. In the last results, Dwight Howard kept the most voted player spot on the Eastern Conference. Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant are first time starters in the All-Star Game. NBA will choose a player to substitute injured Yao Ming on the Western starting five.

This 2011 NBA All-Star Game Weekend schedule of events is your guide to All-Star weekend.

February 18, 2016

The NBA All-Star Celebrity Game will happen on this day. It includes retired NBA players, athletes, musicians, WNBA players, and actors.

The NBA Rookie Challenge and Youth Jam will take place on this day. This game includes a team of standout rookies playing against a team of second-year players that also standout.

February 19, 2016

The Shooting Star Competition includes a retired NBA player, current NBA player, and a WNBA player. They represent their team’s city and compete against together in a shooting competition.

The Three-Point Shootout is a timed contest in which players try to make as many three-pointers as possible. They will shoot from five different positions, with five balls per position.

The Skill Challenge is a competition for guards. They will compete in a variety of techniques, such as layups.

The HORSE Competition is close to what a regular game of HORSE is. A referee is there to authenticate.

The Slam Dunk Contest is always very popular. Players will attempt their best slam dunks while the fans vote to determine who wins.

The D-League All-Star Game also takes place on this day.

February 20, 2016

The NBA All-Star Game takes place on this day. Once the game is over, the MVP of the game is announced.

All-Star Players

Eastern Conference ALL-STARS
6 * LeBron James (Miami) F 6-8 250 12/30/84 St. Vincent/St. Mary HS
1 * Amar’e Stoudemire (N.Y) F 6-10 240 11/16/82 Cypress Creek HS (FL)
3 * Dwyane Wade (Miami) G 6-4 220 01/17/82 Marquette
1 * Derrick Rose (Chicago) G 6-3 190 10/04/88 Memphis
12 * Dwight Howard (Orlando) C 6-11 265 12/08/85 SW Atlanta Christian Academy (GA)
20 Ray Allen (Boston) G 6-5 205 07/20/75 Connecticut
1 Chris Bosh (Miami) F 6-11 235 03/24/84 Georgia Tech
5 Kevin Garnett (Boston) F 6-11 253 05/19/76 Farragut Academy HS (IL)
15 Al Horford (Atlanta) C-F 6-10 245 06/03/86 Florida
2 Joe Johnson (Atlanta) G 6-7 240 06/29/81 Arkansas
34 Paul Pierce (Boston) F 6-7 235 10/13/77 Kansas
9 Rajon Rondo (Boston) G 6-1 171 02/22/86 Kentucky
Head Coach: Doc Rivers (Boston)

Western Conference ALL-STARS
35 * Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City) F 6-9 230 09/29/88 Texas
15 * Carmelo Anthony (Denver) F 6-8 230 05/29/84 Syracuse
24 * Kobe Bryant (L.A. Lakers) G 6-6 205 08/23/78 Lower Merion HS (PA)
3 * Chris Paul (New Orleans) G 6-0 175 05/06/85 Wake Forest
11 | Yao Ming (Houston) C 7-6 310 09/12/80 Shanghai, China
21 Tim Duncan (San Antonio) F 6-11 255 04/25/76 Wake Forest
20 Manu Ginobili (San Antonio) G 6-6 205 07/28/77 Bahia Blanca, Argentina
16 Pau Gasol (L.A. Lakers) C 7-0 250 07/06/80 Barcelona, Spain
32 # Blake Griffin (L.A. Clippers) F 6-10 251 03/16/89 Oklahoma
42 # Kevin Love (Minnesota) F-C 6-10 260 09/07/88 UCLA
41 Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas) F 7-0 245 06/19/78 Wurzburg, Germany
0 # Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City) G 6-3 187 11/12/88 UCLA
8 Deron Williams (Utah) G 6-3 209 06/26/84 Illinois
Head Coach: Gregg Popovich (San Antonio)
* – denotes starter
# – denotes first-time selection
| – denotes injured and will not participate

All-Star game results

The NBA All-Star weekend has come to an end with some memorable moments. The NBA All-Star game is the main attraction of the NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles, and nothing is better than having the LA ballers grab some titles, namely Kobe Bryant (Lakers) the All-Star game MVP and Blake Griffin (Clippers) the Slam Dunk contest winner.

The West defeats the East 148-143 in an action-packed, entertaining basketball game. Kobe Bryant deserves the MVP title with his 37 points and 14 rebounds (yeah – 14 rebounds for a guard in an All Star game is quite a feat!) Kevin Durant gets his share of 34 points, but he’s not doing much other than shooting the ball. The East is trying to make a comeback, but LeBron James’ and Amar’e Stoudemire’s 29 points can’t help them reverse the situation. LeBron records a triple double, grabbing 12 rebounds and dishing 10 assists to add his 29 points (he might be the one who should took the MVP title, but the West wins…)

Blake Griffin wins the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

In NBA All-Star Rookie-Sophomore game 2011, John Wall grabs the Rook-Soph MVP title with his record-setting 22 assists (plus a 12-point performance.) The bad-attitude-man-who-fight-with-teammate, DeMarcus Cousins add 33 points and 14 rebounds in a 148-140 win by the Rookies

For Bieber fans out there – congratulations! Rooting for Bieber pays off, even when he is doing something other than singing. Justin Bieber is the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game MVP with some nice display of shooting and passing – he’s got eight points, four assists and two rebounds.

James Jones the underdog wins the  Footlocker 3-point contest, defeating the defending champ, Paul Pierce and the NBA 3-point all-time record setter, Ray Allen.

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) beat Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) in the final round to win the NBA All-Star Skills Challenge.

In NBA Shooting Stars, Atlanta (former NBA Steve Smith, the star All Horford and the WNBA star Coco Miller) defeats Chicago (former NBA Steve Kerr, Bulls forward Taj Gibson, and Cathrine Kraayveld of WNBA.)