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Costa Rica International Sportsbook (CRIS or BetCRIS) is a recognized sports betting industry Leader since 1985. BetCRIS Sportsbook provides Safe, Legal, and Secure sports betting on sporting events, as well as horse racing, online casino games, poker, and bingo from any location in the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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BookMaker Sportsbook is an innovator and has seamlessly integrated mobile betting into its everyday operations. As long as you have a cell phone or a PDA you can wager on sports, horses or anything you want from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is download the quick and easy application and you are ready to go in an instant. Opening an account with is simple as it is 100% fee and you can start an account with as low as a $25 deposit.

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Unlike other gaming companies, DSI has distinguished itself as an industry leader with its unique BetPoints Loyalty Program, proprietary easy-to-use gaming interface, and focus on customer care. This has led to our incredible growth and has also manifested itself in the numerous awards and industry accolades that DSI has compiled. The recognition includes SBR A+ rating for 3 years in a row, OSGA approved, and Sportsbook Patrol 4 Star Rating.


At BetOnline, we focus on giving bettors what they want. Fast payouts, great customer service, early lines and big deposit bonuses. We listen to our customers and continuously improve our offering. That’s why we’ve been able to develop such a highly-regarded reputation.


With the latest odds on every game, we’re your betting destination for all of the gridiron action. Bet on more than just the final score with our exciting and vast array of team and player props. Get ahead of the game and take advantage of the best odds year-round by betting on Basketball futures.