Wagering Tips

Winning Be Real

Their are those who claim they have a winning percentage of 90% on their selections. Let me tell you, “they are dreaming” I am saying this in a very polite way. Don’t get me wrong their will be the weeks or even months you are hot ( LUCKY ), but the truth is this will not last. If I could select winners with a 90% win average I would be sitting on my yacht drinking Martini’s. I would never have to work again and most likely be closing the sportbooks one at a time. The true professional gambler or the casual knowledgeable player understand that the break even point is 52.38% and is trying to maintain a winning record of 55% to 60% on their plays. This would give you a return of 5% to 10% on every dollar wager over the long term.This may not sound good but let me explain the type of return this is going to produce.

COMPOUNDED 10% – 6 MONTHS = 77.3%

COMPOUNDED 10% – 12 MONTHS = 314%

Don’t you think this is a great return. I grant you the risk is greater. But that goes with the great return. This is why they call it Gambling!

Basketball betting pointers –

Don’t bet just because you like the name of the team or the color of the teams jersey, keep game stats and look for trends, bet only a small percentage (say 10%) of your betting capital, and don’t chase your losses. Remember both losing and winning streaks all come to an end!

Get to know your teams. This includes player transfers, coaching staff and home & away stats. Keep aware of injuries and evaluate the importance of your teams line up. this means who will start the game and who will come off the bench.

Team Motivation. Be aware of the importance of a game to team members. A team that has already qualified for the final may not be motivated to win the present game. Other teams facing a must-win situation or are wishing to avenge a previous loss may be highly motivated to win.

One of the great things about basketball wagers is that there are lots of NBA basketball games and college basketball betting opportunities. Often, teams play three or more games per week, thus giving you a lot of opportunities to bet on basketball games. Just find the basketball odds that are appealing to you and you are ready to bet online.

The Big Score

The Big Score, we are always waiting for the big one to come our way. This does happen but please don’t go broke dreaming and making all the exotic bets and forgetting all the rules to knowledgeable wagering. If you want the big one go play the lotto and keep wishing.


Money Management

Keep good records and wager with a bankroll that you are able to afford. Break down your wagers into sessions or percentages.This can be determine in different ways such as 5% of your bankroll per play or 20% per session. Make these decision before you begin your wagering.

I would not use more than 2% of my bankroll on a wager !!

Self Discipline

NEVER NEVER chase, don’t increase your wagers and don’t make all kinds of exotic bets . Tomorrow is again another day if you can’t control your self discipline than I would suggest that you go fishing or else in the long run you will go broke.


Shop for the best line . Believe me that a half-point can be the difference of winning or losing another twenty games for the season.


Most players will allow themselves to lose more than they would allow themselves to win. This is not a rare situation, this is one of the main reasons gamblers and even recreational players hurt themselves financially. Do you see many sportbooks going out of business, this is one of the reasons they do quite well. You must have self discipline and knowledge to show a profit. This applies to all forms of gambling, it has been the downfall of many gamblers who lose their bankroll. You can’t win everyday ! Their will be times when you will have periods of losing streaks that could last weeks and even months. This could be a disaster to your bankroll. You must remember money management. Luck is a factor that does come into play and when it is on your side go with it. But when it is against you take a break and wager less. Don’t chase and increase your wagers or make additional bets this is what I call, “destruction” . Your bankroll will be finish.